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Tilt French Doors

The doors of your property not only determine the security of the property but at the same time also contribute to the character and the overall looks of the property. Hence selecting the right design and quality of doors is imperative to maintain the overall value of your property.

At Double Glazed Windows Canberra we offer you a large selection of fashionable and strong doors which can add a different charm, sophistication and security to your property. Our Double Glazed French Doors is a fine specimen of a quality product with a stylish look from our brand umbrella.

Adding these doors to your property can be one of the best ways of redefining the looks of the place and also upgrade their security index.

The product

The Tilt French doors are a vintage European style door that can be a perfect addition to any enclosed space. However, as compared to the commercial spaces, these doors happen to be a much better and a suitable addition for the residential spaces.

As the name of the product suggests, these doors can be opened both outwards or into the room space just like any conventional door. On the other hand the upper side of the gate can be tilted just a little to open a small space which will allow the breeze to flow in to the room. This is one of the best ways through which the room can be kept breezy and well ventilated. You can also install and insect net just outside the door to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other insects into the room.

These French doors come with a rather stylish and classy look. They are made up of PVC and UPVC frames with glass panes. This is exactly why even when they are shut closed the room will get ample amount of Sunlight. As a result the interiors of your property can look really spacious and luxurious.

Even in terms of security the French doors happens to be rather up to the mark. They can increase the index of safety for your property and can help you to live much more peacefully with your family and loved one. Our product offers a three lock system where you must tilt the door to open it and then lock is formally.

Why opt for French doors Canberra

At double glazed Windows camera we have always aspired to provide nothing but the best to our esteemed customers. In fact this happens to be one of the main reasons why we have been able to not only retain but also increase our base of patrons over the ear. If you are looking for or reasons of investing into our French doors go through the following list:

  • Our products are made from some of the finest quality materials offering maximum security for your property.
  • Settle for nothing but the most fashionable looking doors.
  • Our AWA approved products can be trusted to offer durability and longevity in the face of all kinds of harsh weather.
  • Select from a wide collection of designs, looks, colors, models, etc.
  • Enjoy a versatility of their operations where they can be opened and operated in different ways.
  • Make a smart move to add extra glamour to your property.
  • We offer complete customization of our products. This means we can change and alter the dimensions of the doors to fit the exact requirements of your property.

Experience hassle free installation

Apart from the product array that you get with us another very important reason to opt for French Doors Canberra is for the kind of installation services and other related support we can offer to our customers.

Many people are eager to change their property doors and try out new door designs and models. However all the hassle involved in the installation work seems rather challenging. This is one of the main reasons why many people finally do not take the decision of getting the project underway. However this will no longer be a problem with our expert and hassle free door installation services by you.

Upon being contacted by you. Our expert teams will arrive at your mentioned address in no time and we will make an estimate of your project and the kind of work that is required. We will provide you with a transparent estimation of the required cost and time line for the project. The project will finally begin only after e has a confirmation from your end.

Call to action

At Double Glazed Windows Canberra our client’s happiness is all we need. This is exactly why we take all the care of delivering your final property in the way just as we got it from you. You will not face any hassle of handling any nuisance after the entire work. If you have any such plans of adding stylish doors to your property call us today.

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